Precept Bible Study

Precept provides another opportunity for church and community members of all ages and gender to study the Word of God through inductive Bible study methods. Join us for different studies around the year.

Current Precept Study

Spring 2024 - Daniel: Gaining Understanding of the Time of the End

Does the turmoil in our times, the uprisings and the spiritual decay of many have anything to do with the Book of Daniel? Daniel was a man who knew what God said about the end times. He focused on what God said, not the events of his own time. Therefore, he had an impact on the people that God placed in his life.

How do you live as a Daniel in the crucial days in which you find yourself? How can you dare to be different? How do you get to know God Most High? The Book of Daniel has the answers.

Deadline to register: January 28
Class Begins: Thursday, February 8
Time: 6:30 - 8:30 PM

PUP Book is $22.50
 In & Out Book is $17.50

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